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Script, direction, production, art direction, story board, graphic art for the film and design of the circulation elements of the documentary film «Marisa» (51 min).
«Marisa» tackles the situation of a family’s grief following the loss of a loved one and, in this case, focussing on the role of the mother/wife at the heart of the family.
Script and direction: Jose  Bellido. Soundtrack: Bingen Mendizabal. Narrator: Itziar Rekalde. Executive producer: Ignacio Isusi. Director of Photography: Aitor González de Langarica. Editing: Aitor López de Aberásturi. Sound: Anselmo Calleja. Art Direction: Loli Leiceaga. Producer and distribution and exploitation rights: Isumas Sertis.
Suitable for any audience. Record Nº: 863163.
More information: http://www.documentalmarisa.com/